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This is a core organizational value for the Fellowship. From the time of our founding, CBF has operated in a “partnering paradigm.” By working with other missions and ministry organizations, we more effectively accomplish our common goal of equipping individuals and churches in service to Christ. Throughout the years, a rich network of relationships has developed allowing CBF and partners to enhance our impact beyond what is possible in isolation.

Formal partnerships are established through written agreement. Such agreements articulate the expectations of each partner, clearly define the outcomes to be achieved, the methods of cooperation, and ultimately ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial. All partnerships must be built upon trust and open communication between partners and CBF staff.

CBF maintains a diverse network of partner relationships and each partner makes a unique contribution that enhances the broader mission of the Fellowship. Since the term “partnership” has applied to a wide variety of relationships, it has tended to defy precise definition. CBF is in the process of evaluating all current partnerships and is working to develop models for partnering that reflect more accurately describe the nature and goal of each relationship.

The following principLEs will guide all CBF partnerships:


  • must be voluntary
  • are born out of a desire to achieve a goal that cannot be achieved alone
  • are based on mutual trust and respect
  • require persistence, patience and planning
  • function most effectively when accountability is built into the relationship

If you are interested in learning more about how you or your organization might connect with the Fellowship, email CBF Partnerships Manager  Chris Boltin or call 770-220-1607.

Find a listing of CBF's partner organizations here.


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