Principles and Biblical Foundation




  • Christ-centered. We will be positive reflections of Christ, bringing a spirit of hope, grace, and opportunity. We will be biblically-based, focusing on reconciliation – people to God and people to people.
  • Local Asset-Based Development. We will be advocates for economic and social change that will strengthen the opportunities for those living in the focal counties, including leadership from within the community. We will encourage all community members to realize their abilities, share their resources to help each other, become effective advocates for their communities, and be able to continue development on self-sustaining basis.
  • Local Participation. We will engage participation that represents the entire community. We will learn the history of the community and value the unique gifts and contributions that those in the community bring to the table. Collective decision-making will be the basis for community resolution and implementation. This will involve public discussion that is free and open to all interested persons and will be designed to lead to citizen empowerment and civic action to enhance quality of life.
  • Long-term. Our commitment will be long-term, staying until the quality of life in these focal counties is improved and community people are successfully managing their own quality of life.
  • Holistic. Our approach will be comprehensive in nature, selective in execution, and mindful of the feelings of people in the local communities.
  • Learning. We will be learners, listening to those from the community and those who have served in the midst of the community in the days before our commitment to these counties and communities. We will hear what the people want to accomplish and apply sound, trusted methods along with innovation to help us to be co-learners/teachers on the way toward transformation.
  • Partnerships. We will be partnership-based, working with the local state or regional CBF structures, as well as with other appropriate groups, such as nonprofit organizations, faith communities, schools, and government. We will encourage broad-based relationships out of the understanding that the combined capacities of all agencies, institutions, and organizations will be amplified by working together. We will pursue the involvement of churches and individuals for this initiative through volunteerism, informal agreements, and formal agreements as an expression of their mission commitment to the marginalized within our nation.
  • Contributions & Focus. We will realize we cannot be all things to all people, but we will help as many as we can to become more self-sufficient. As a result, we will focus our activities on the most neglected and most responsive in ways that help fill a niche, even as we remember the whole community and environment. Our primary activities will be in the areas of collaboration, advocacy, prayer, education, reconciliation, volunteer mobilization, and resource development. In all things we will seek to bear faithful witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Foundation


We are called to bring a heart of compassion toward those living in poverty.
(Deuteronomy 15:7-11, 24:7; Psalms 82:3-4; Proverbs 14: 21,31, 22:9; Isaiah 1:17, 61:1; Ezekiel 18:7; Matthew 25:35-40; Acts 10:1-4; Romans 12:9-13; 2 Corinthians 8:9-15; I Timothy 6:17-19; James 1:27, 2:1-8; I John 3:16-18)

We are called to follow God’s commitment of compassion for those living in poverty. (Deuteronomy 10:8; Psalms 68:5, 107: 9, 146:7; Luke 4: 16-21; Philippians 2:6-7)

We are called to understand that God does not see those who live in wealth are greater than those that live in poverty. 
(Proverbs 19:1, 22: 2, 28:6; Jeremiah 9:23-24; Matthew 6:19-21, 19:21-26; Luke 1:53)

We are called to learn from those we encounter in poverty.
(Mark 12:41-44; 2 Corinthians 8:1-5; James 2:1-5)

We are called to serve others in a spirit of humility.
(Matthew 6:1-4; Philippians 2:1-4; I Peter 5:5)

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