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CBF Illumination Project

The Illumination Project is a project of the Governing Board of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. The Illumination Project is a process of discernment and accompaniment involving CBF congregational leaders to build and strengthen CBF unity through cooperation. This is a project to illuminate the qualities that have built unity in CBF, and through discernment, to identify intentional processes by which we can maintain and grow unity through cooperation. 

The Illumination Project is designed to create models of dialogue and decision-making for a cooperative body. The goal, often sacrifically enabled, to seek intentional community in spite of differences has been a strong witness of CBF. We believe that our commitment to scripture, reliance on foundational faith tenets and the lessons from our history can be used to enable new clairty regarding the process of cooperative Christian community for the Fellowship. 

Often, the call to dialogue masks a requirement that we set aside our deepest convictions on important questions and be subjected to a lecture intended to persuade. The intentional design of this project is to bring CBF churches with their full conviction into a respected and trustworthy place without intent to persuade, but instead to find a path to cooperation. 

"We as the Governing Board of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship are commissioned to facilitate the implementation of the Illumination Project as a means by which to build and strengthen CBF unity through cooperation in light of our current cultural context. I have asked that they proceed with this charge through a process that is (1) broad-based and transparent; (2) deliberate and intentional; and (3) without any predetermined outcome, other than the desire to encourage CBF unity through cooperation."

- CBF Moderator Doug Dortch
Senior Minister, Mountain Brook Baptist Church
Birmingham, Ala.

Questions or comments? Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here orContact Illumination Project ad hoc committee chair Charlie Fuller at governingboard@cbf.net


Illumination Project: An Introduction


Illumination Project Explained from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on Vimeo.

Illuminations Series (CBFblog)

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