Missional resource for teenagers

e3LogoPNGWelcome to e3, a missional resource for teenagers. e3 is a free monthly e-teaching plan that challenges students through Scripture and the stories of CBF field personnel to love their neighbors as themselves. Each lesson is built around CBF’s fellowship! magazine.

engages students though an introductory activity
equips them with biblical understanding, and
invites them to extend their faith into their schools, families, and communities.

 Download your free copies of e3 and fellowship! magazine below.

Also, download free e3 retreat plans and e3 mission trip devotionals!

e3 MissionTripDevotionals2016-1 2016 Mission Trip Devotionals
Feb-Mar16 FellowshipMag cover thumbnail February/March 2016 fellowship! 
February e3 (Literacy Ministry - Luke 4:14-21)
March e3 (Drop That Net! - Mark 1:16-20)
e3 RetreatPlan2016-thumb 2016 Retreat Plan
DJ15 thumb December 2015/January 2016 fellowship!
December e3 (Knowing our Neighbors - James 2:1-13)
January e3 (Seeking Unity in the Body - Ephesians 4:1-6)
ON15 thumb October/November 2015 fellowship!
October e3 (Breaking the Cycle - Luke 15:1-7)
November e3 (God – "The One Who Sees" - Genesis 16; Psalm 146)
Aug-Sep15 FellowshipMag cover August/September 2015 fellowship! 
August e3 (God – "I Am about to Do a New Thing" - Isaiah 43:1-2, 16-21)
September e3 (Strong Gifts - 1 Corinthians 12:4-11)
September e3 Strengths Poster
image-0001 June/July 2015 fellowship!
June e3 (Listening to God's Word - 1 Samuel 3)
July e3 (New Ministry through the Spirit - John 4:1-26)
AprilMayThumbnail April/May 2015 fellowship!
April e3 (Growth through Opportunity - Mark 7:24-30)
May e3 (Transforming Beauty - Psalm 34)
Feb-Mar15 FellowshipMag newcover February/March 2015 fellowship!
February e3 (Forming Together - Mark 12:28-34)
March e3 (The Stranger on our Doorsteps - 1 John 4:7-12)
Dec-Jan15thumb December 2014/January 2015 fellowship!
December e3 (CARE for Refugees - Genesis 23; Exodus 12:33-42; Matthew 2:13-15)
January e3 and #EndHunger image (Matthew 25:31-46; Isaiah 58:10)
ON14 Cover October/November 2014 fellowship!
October e3 and Welcome Worksheet
November e3
Fellowship cover AS14 August/September 2014 fellowship!
August e3
September e3 
June-JulyFellowship Final Cover4 June/July 2014 fellowship!
June e3
July e3 and Litany for Listening
2014-Apr-cover-75 April/May 2014 fellowship!
April e3
May e3
fellmag 75x96 February/March 2014 fellowship!
February e3
March e3
DecJan14 cover 75 December 2013/January 2014 fellowship!
December e3
"In Defense of an Innkeeper" Sermon
January e3
OctNov-Cover 75 October/November 2013 fellowship!
October e3
November e3
AugSep13 cover 75 August/September 2013 fellowship!
August e3
September e3
e3 RetreatPlan2015 2015 e3 Retreat Plan
e3 Mission Trip Devotional Guide


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