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Adv Icon - White Background - CopyCBF Advocacy is rooted in the same spirit and call that motivates our mission endeavors: to demonstrate the love of Christ by loving our most neglected and marginalized neighbors. As Christians dedicated to service, we often encounter situations and issues in need of a strong voice. Such encounters create passionate advocates in our churches and among those serving across the globe.

CBF Advocacy is about encouraging, equipping and promoting the voice of advocates in our midst as they encounter need. In doing so, we strive to exercise respnsible Christian citizenship by modeling a more effective, positive and inclusive public witness for the church. 

The goal of CBF Advocacy is to discover advocates already at work in CBF life and to...

  • increase their effectiveness by offering strategic advice and counsel
  • connect them to one another in  order to share experiences and best practices
  • connect them to experts both individuals and trusted organizations
  • promote opportunities for effective and impactful advocacy among our churches and pastors

CBF Advocacy is:

• Individual & systemic
• Global & national
• State & local
• Relational
• Nonpartisan
• Unapolagetically rooted in the Gospel
Cooperative across religious, political and racial divides

CBF Advocacy seeks to:

• Promote civility, respect and integrity
• Develop new ways for individuals to follow their passions within CBF life particularly laity and young Baptists
• Encourage compromise when it leads to progress
• Speak out on behalf of others and equip others to find and effectively use their own voices

CBF Advocacy will not:

• Pass resolutions declaring the "right" side of political issues
• Select  issues from the top down and force them upon churches and pastors
• Ask churches to get involved in partisan politics by endorsing or opposing candidates for office

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